The Trash Museum

Unknown artist

Deep within the bowels of this ancient city, a creative force stirs. The artist, unburdened by mundane everyday banalities such as artistic ability, foists her art upon an unsuspecting world.

Every wall, every street corner, every trash bin, every piece of pavement becomes a blank canvas in the mind of the artist, thirsty for self-expression. Humdrum considerations like cleanliness or basic decency take a back seat to the insatiable need to write a name on a wall.

This, the art.

The goal of the Trash Museum is to showcase all these unsung works of art. A graffiti on a wall by someone who picked up a can of spray paint for the first time, a discarded piece of gum on the pavement, a car abandoned in some street as a statement on consumerism. They are all art pieces that we want to celebrate.

Does the artist have any talent whatsoever? No. Did the artist intend these pieces as art? No. But are they art? Also no.

We, the museum

Why should art be reserved for the talented? Why should only good art be in museums? Bad art is probably still art maybe, and should be recognized perhaps.

Every artwork needs a label, and we could not leave these artless pieces of ugliness unlabeled. We don't know the artist's true intention, but if ignorance didn't stop the artist, it's certainly not going to stop us.

You, the viewer.

And what is your role in this? You, the viewer, play the part of the spectator. Find the works of art in the Trash Museum and post them on Instagram, with the tag #trash_museum.

The world must know.


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